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About Us

Essentially education provides free educational information, resources and is also an online resource, offering educational information and links to educational services, books and supplies.

Educational material is provided in the form of concept maps, which have proved to be an excellent learning tool.

One of the many things that we have taught our home educated students is the importance of 'learning to learn' - making use of critical & analytical thinking skills, how to be organised, efficient and make use of their time correctly. As each of our students have gone on to study at college and university they have all been told that they are very organised and efficient with great learning styles and have also helped fellow students, to think about how they think about their futures.

We have provided a quiet, relaxed learning environment, with the freedom to create their own learning styles and set their own goals, making sure that they always realise that they are learning for themselves and their future.

We have also advised our home educated students that it is important for them to look at their skills and talents to help them decide where their future careers will be. Having a plan or a goal, helps with choosing the correct subjects to study. We found that by doing this our students were more focused, more organised and so much happier in life, knowing what they want to achieve and where they are going in life.

The educational material available on this website has been written and used by our home educated students, who have then gone on to colleges and received grade A* , A's and Distinctions - at A'Level,; and then on to successfully study at University.

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