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Air Quality

The earth's atmosphere, atoms, air pollutants, new technology.


Food Matters

The food chain, farming challenges, farming for food, preserving and processing food, healthy and harmful chemicals, diet and diabetes, food and the consumer, food hazards and risks.


Chemicals of the Natural Environment

Chemicals in Four Spheres, Chemicals of the Atmosphere, Chemicals of the Hydrosphere, Chemicals of the Lithosphere, Chemicals of the Biosphere, Human Impacts on the Environment, Metals of the Lithosphere, Structure and Bonding in Metals, The Life Cycle of Metals.




Material Choices

Materials, the discovery of polymers, molecules in polymers, designer materials, life cycle assessment.


Chemical Patterns

The periodic table, alkali metals, chemical equations, halogens, the discovery of helium, atomic structure, electrons in atoms, electronic structures, salts, ionic theory and chemical species.


Educational Material

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