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English - Grammar Terms - Parts of Speech

Words that we use in writing perform particular functions. We need to know and understand how all of these words work together to enable us to write grammatically.


Naming word for people, places, objects and ideas.


Describe what someone or something does, is, or what happens to them.

Articles – ‘the’, ‘a’ and ‘an’.

Definite Article – ‘the’

Indefinite Article – ‘a’ and ‘an’


Join two parts of a sentence together.i.e. And, Because, But, Or, Although, As, That, If.


Show the relationship between one word and another i.e. At, on, in, for, up, over, to, by, across, around.


Take the place of nouns i.e. I, him, she, it, they.


Usually used with verbs, adjectives or other adverbs, that provide more information about when, where, how or in what circumstances. i.e.: very, happily, quickly. A word that describes a verb.


Describe nouns- describing word that tells you more about a person or thing, for example their appearance, size, or other qualities.


A word that expresses emotion or surprise (For example: 'Ouch!', 'Hurry!').

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