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Tone & Mood: the effect that a poem has on the reader can be closely linked to the tone and mood that the poet creates.

A poem contains a 'voice' and like any voice it can be 'spoken' in a variety of ways that provide the listener (or reader) with certain messages.

There are many different types of tone, e.g. angry, sad, joyful, ironic or bitter etc...

The tone of voice in which someone speaks tells us a great deal about the way they feel, so the tone of the 'poetic voice' tells us a lot about how the poet or narrator of the poem feels or wants us to feel.

The mood of the poem refers to the atmosphere that the poem creates.

The overall impact of a poem stems not only from the literal meaning of the words, but also from the tone and mood they create.

One of the most effective ways of recognising the tone of the poem is to hear it read aloud.

Stanza: division of poem: a number of lines, verse forming a separate unit within a poem. In many poems, each stanza has the same number of lines and the same rhythm and rhyme scheme.

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