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English - Studying Poetry - 1

Approaching Poetry

When studying poetry it is important to have a planned approach.


Studying Poetry

Read lots of poems from different cultures. (You should find an anthology on the website of the exam body).

Consider the following:

The different forms poetry can take

Variety of language used to explore ideas.


Keep a poetry 'log'. Note:

Interesting ideas


Things that strike you as effective.


Read poems aloud, this helps you to understand it better and also helps you to explore the rhythm and/or rhyme.

Ask yourself:

1. Content: what is the poem about?

2. Style: how does the poet use language in it?

3. Effect: why does the poet use language in this way and what effect does he/she want to create?


How Poems Work

Elements of poems which combine to create the effect of the poem:

The Poem








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