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English - Writing to Analyse

In your exam you may be asked to analyse particular ideas or issues that you are presented with.

You may also be asked to analyse your own thoughts and ideas on a particular issue.

Writing to analyse an issue:

Texts that deal with issues or ideas may be presented in a variety of forms in your exam.


Examples of the kinds of texts or questions you may encounter:

A topic to consider

A newspaper article, exploring a topic

An article from a magazine or journal

An extract from a book

An information leaflet

Information from a website.


What you need to do in the exam:

Read the text through several times.

Allow yourself time to think about the content and ideas.

Think about the overall theme of the media texts.

Think about how they could be compared with each other.



1. The content, ideas, issues etc. that the text explores.

2. The ways in which language is used to express the ideas.

3. Your own thoughts and ideas on the issue.

4. Purpose of the text.

5. Understand the context and genre of the text.

6. Decide who the intended audience is.


Questions Questions to ask yourself:

What is the text about?

Who is the text intended for?

How is language used in the text?

What kind of presentational devices have been used?

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