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Planning Your Search

Strategies, search templates...

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What constitutes plagiarism or cheating?

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Note Taking

Note taking & how it can help your revision ...

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The elements of an infographic...

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Educational Resources


Private tutors, virtual schools & subject information.


Comprehensive list of UK colleges & universities.


Exam boards - Edexcel OCR & AQA. Revision Sites.


Educational supplies, & useful equipment.

Learning Resources

Learning, Research & Organisational Skills...

Concept Maps

Reference List

A guide to creating your reference list. (Harvard System). Reference Formats table provided.

Assignments Checklist

Planning your assignment. What to include in your assignment. Proof reading and final checks.

Command Words

Command Words & Meanings...Including: Analyze, Assess, Create, Classify.

Reflective Learning

Reflect and learn more. Take responsibility for your learning and consider what you have learnt.

Critical Thinking Skills

A guide to using critical thinking skills.

Scientific Reports - Terms

Useful scientific terms for use in your reports.

Study Diary

Learn how to create a study diary.

Research Diary

A table for you to record your research...