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Designers keep design diaries, to record their thoughts and ideas, making notes and sketches of things that they know they will want to think about more later, or noting ideas that although at first may not be considered useful, when other notes are added, ideas can evolve from. An iterative process, with nothing forgotten, just new thoughts and ideas created.

As a learner a study diary can have similar benefits. Recording your thoughts and ideas in a study diary, can enable you to :

Interpret and understand your assignment/topic.

Help you with your research and research strategies.

Assist you with your planning, and also

Help with your note taking, writing and revision.

Every time you think of something, record it in your study diary - however un-important it may seem, write it down, as later it may fit together with other notes and help you to answer a question or solve a problem.

You could keep your study timetable with your study diary, but your study diary should be something that does not follow time. Just keep it with you and record all your thoughts and ideas that relate to your study. You could also write down ideas/topics that you want to look at later.


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