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Learning Resources - Grammar Checklist for Writing

Writing Fiction

Use adjectives and precise nouns to make descriptions more interesting.

Use powerful verbs to describe feelings and actions.

Include some direct and reported speech.

Don’t change from the first to the third person narration.

Don’t change from the past to the present tense.

Use time connectives to tell your reader when events happened.

Take care with pronouns – is it clear who ‘he’ or ‘she’ is?

A few short sentences can be good for impact – but not too many!

Complex sentences are better than lots of simple sentences.


Writing Non-fiction

Use precise and accurate nouns.

Only use adjectives when they are really needed.

Use connectives to link together your ideas.

Use the right tense (recounts are written in the past tense, but reports are written in the present tense).

Do not keep referring to the name of the subject you are writing about – use pronouns for variety.

Use complex sentences to make links between ideas.

Use passive sentences to make your writing sound more formal.

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