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Learning Resources - Reflective Learning

Reflect and learn more.

Take responsibility for your learning and consider what you have learnt.

Reflecting helps you to

become aware of your learning

understand how you learn

learn effectively

As an effective learner you need to develop your awareness of

yourself as a learner

the context in which you are learning

the features of the subject you are studying

the choices you make about your learning and their implications

your performance and progress

Understand how you learn

Do you summarise or do you need lots of detailed information? Try using concept maps, this takes the pressure off the left side of your brain and lets the right side do some of the work.

Create a learning log. This will help you assess your learning in a structured way and assess your needs and progress.

Your learning log, could contain

Your achievements

Notes re: your strengths

Notes re: your weaknesses

Areas that need improvement

Evidence - tutors comments

To do list

Use checklists to monitor your own progress, this helps with revision, key learning points and also highlights your intended learning outcomes.

Reflect and know what you are trying to achieve.

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